Why does EVERY fucking adolescent has to be such a FUCKING SLUT?
They base their whole exsitence around getting with men like it´s a good thing to fuck every single mediocre looking being that they meet.
Such nauseous hookers that live only for their reputation with people they won´t even remember in the next 3 years.
The fact that being a prostitute & being a drunk bitch it´s considered "cool" and makes you "popular" makes me fucking sick.
I´m SOOOOOOOOOOO fucking glad all those failed abortions dislike me.


I literally can't stand the fact that men only think with their fucking dick.
It's so pathetic; all the time that i've met ANYONE with similiar interests as me it has sadly been a men, and they ALL ended up being romantically attracted to me, THAT SHIT ANNOYS ME sOOOOOOOO BAD.
I know most girls only want to hook up but HOLY SHIT DUDE i've been talking to you abt MURDERERS, PROGRAMMING & RPG, DO YOU Rly THINK IM TRYNA FUCK ANYONE???


I don't care what your excuse is, you're stupid, i'm proud to be an iconoclast. You can't stand the fact that you're fucking useless & your life is worth NOTHING so you try & find some mystical reasoning.
Not only that but christianity is sOOOOOOOOO FUCKING STUPID, their god contradicts himself so much that only a fucking idiot could not question it.
Not to mention the fact that people demonize things such as communism when it hasn't EVEN BEEN EXECUTED YET & forget ALL the shit that christianity has done, the cruzades, inquisition...
ALSO the impact that it has in politics IS RIDICULOUS! First of all, if it doesn't have proof it should not be taken seriously, second of all, want to be inclusive?? Ok then include satanists, hindus, buddhists, etc.
BAN all religious schools & religious classes, KIDS CAN'T CONSENT TO BE INTEGRATED IN A RELIGION, this is such a fucking fail in democracy.


People who don't question things & don't plan to be anyone in life are the main reasoning for my misanthropy & phlegmatic advences.
HOW CAN YOU BE SO FUCKING BORING. Can't you read a goddamn book???? Are you that fucking dumb?
PLEase get a personality, i promise you it's not that hard.


Those are the most FUCKING ANNOYING human beings in the entire earth.
Owwnnn, someone yelled at you?? They treated you badly?? Oh well WELCOME TO THE FUCKING WORLD.
Crying your way out of confrontations will only make you look like a pussy & won't solve your problems.
If you can't handle ur shit without breaking down then maybe you should consider maturing before doing stuff that you'll regret & cause discussions.
You're not five, grow the fuck up.


How can you live such a useless tedious life that you have to get in other people's issues?
If it doesn't pertain or affect you, simply STFU.
OHHHHH! Your little ugly fucking whore of a friend can't speak for herself so she sends her little puppet to get on my dick?
Okay, sure, you'll get your face deformed instead of her, such a bad friend, i could have gotten her a free plastic surgery on that hidious nose of hers <3


If you lie to me, you're DONE. I DON'T CARE abt who you are, i WILL cut you off.
Whatever shit you've done or said you can be sure that it's better if you tell me, bcs if i get to know it by someone else, NOTHING is going to change my decision to stop talking to you.
If you wanna talk shit, FUCKING own it. DON'T APOLOGIZE. I DON'T WANT YOU TO.